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Digging into Equity Newsletters

In July of 2021, the Jamestown School Committee adopted our new 5 year district Strategic Plan. The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan has a strong foundation of core values that are the basis of our Mission, Vision, and Goals. It states what our expectations are for our 8th grade students by the time they graduate from the Jamestown School Department to move onto our high schools of record. The Portrait of the Graduate defines the skills and qualities we believe are important for our students to develop and demonstrate as students of Jamestown. One of our five strategic goals priority areas is on equity, diversity, and cultural awareness. 
Goal 4 of our plan states, that we will utilize culturally inclusive curriculum materials to provide students with a window to the diverse experiences of human-kind. To ensure educational materials, practices and experiences promote equity, global awareness, and reduce bias. It also states that we will promote equity through differentiated professional development opportunities and differentiated instruction for staff, students, and families. 
To meet this goal we have started a newsletter this year to share resources with our staff and families as well as promote cultural awareness and diversity by educating each other on important times of year that our country celebrates our diverse history. Throughout the year we will publish the Digging into Equity newsletter. It will be shared with staff and families as well as being linked below.