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Working Papers

In Rhode Island, Minors 14 to 15 years of age are required by law to obtain "Working
Papers" for employment. Most employers also require Working Papers for minors age 16 to 17.

Step 1
Download and print the Permit to Work Form Age 14-15, or the Permit to Work Form Age
16-17, AND the Working Papers Form.

Step 2
Working Papers Form:
Complete items 1 thru 7.
Employer completes items 8 and 9.
Parent or guardian completes items 10 and 11.
Permit to Work Form:
Complete Items 1 -16
Minor child signs line 18
Representative from School Department completes items 19 - 23

Step 3
Bring completed forms along with proof of age, such as (1) Birth Certificate, (2)
Baptismal Certificate, or (3) Rhode Island driver's license with photograph to the either
the Lawn Avenue School, 55 Lawn Avenue or the Melrose School, 76 Melrose Avenue.