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District Strategic Plan

This plan provides the roadmap for the Jamestown School Department for the next five years. Let's be inspired to develop the future education for the children of Jamestown. We were very fortunate to assemble a diverse and representative committee to guide the development of our five-year strategic plan.
The District Strategic Plan is a living document that will facilitate our goals, actions plans, and decisions for the future of our children, the professional learning of our staff, and the infrastructures of our schools. This detailed plan was developed on the foundational core values of our district, mission, and vision.


Instill a lifelong love of learning, cultivate skills and knowledge, and inspire confidence within a community that embraces diversity and individuality.


Rise between the bridges and beyond!

Theory of Action

If we . . .
- Engage students in learning utilizing a rigorous standards-based curriculum;- Provide students with access to innovative resources and technology;  - Invest in the professional learning of teachers, leaders and school staff; and- Collaborate with our families and community partners - Align school and central office supports and resources to our core beliefs.

Then every student in the Jamestown School Department will develop the skills and qualities of a Jamestown 8th grade graduate.