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Erica B. Dickson Director of Student Services 
Isabel Jepson Administrative Assistant  
For all inquiries regarding student transportation
please call (401) 423-7020 x119
Fax # (401) 423-7022
For information regarding the Jamestown School Department Transportation Policy COVID 19:
2020-2021 Bus Transportation
There are many changes to the bus transportation due to the safety guidelines to stop the spread of COVID19. Please review the following changes:
1. ALL students will be required to have a bus pass to board the bus. Bus passes were mailed to families the week before school started. In order to receive a bus pass, families would need to communicate the need for transportation to the Office of Student Services by completing the transportation survey distributed in July 2020 or by submitting a Bus Transportation Request Form.
2. All students riding the bus will wear a mask for the entire time they are on the bus.
3. All bus windows will be open for the entire bus ride, so please ensure students are dressed for the weather.
4. Students will have assigned seats on the bus and will sit in the same assigned seat on the ride to school and the ride home from school.
5. Students will sit one student per seat. Siblings will sit together.
6. All students must sit facing forward and in their seat for the entire bus ride.
7. We are obligated to maintain a seating chart for all buses.
8. Students are asked to stand with six feet of physical distance at the bus stop.
9. Students are asked to provide six feet of physical distance while boarding and disembarking the bus.
10. Students will use hand sanitizer prior to boarding the bus and after disembarking the bus.
11. Please understand these bus expectations are for all students who ride Jamestown buses.
Closings or Delays:
Private Schools & Charter Schools: If either Jamestown or the destination district has a delay, transportation will be delayed.
If either Jamestown or the destination district cancels school, transportation will be cancelled.